MELDIN® 7000 is the made of polyimide resin, product by Saint-Gobain.

The product of the MELDIN® 7000 series
I prodotti della serei MELDIN® 7000 are characterized by high thermal characteristics and are located at the top in the plastics market.


For this special series of products, we are the official distributor in Italy.


MELDIN® 7001, naturale
A thermosetting polyimide, MELDIN® 7001 is our unfilled base resin. This grade offers the maximum mechanical properties and high chemical resistance. The MELDIN® 7001 grade is idel for electrical and thermal insulating application. More ductile than ceramic, and lighter weight than metals, MELDIN® 7001 is a popular choice for structural parts in aerospace and other applications where metal replacement is desirable.

MELDIN® 7021
Our self-lubricating grade, MELDIN® 7021, has 15% by weight graphite fillers, encapsulating by the base polyimide resin. With its low coefficient of friction and high heat resistance (up to 900°F [482°C]), MELDIN® 7021 provides our customers the bees all-around choice for high temperature bearings, seals, and other low-wear applications.

MELDIN® 7022
With 40% graphite filler, the MELDIN® 7022 grade offers additional dimensional stabilòity and the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion of any MELDIN grade.

MELDIN® 7211, tipo con minor attrito
Il MELDIN® 7211 has 10% PTFE and 15% graphite filler, which provides our lowest coefficient of friction grade.

MELDIN® 7003
Il MELDIN® 7003 includes 15% molybdenum disulfide lubricating filler for wear application that operate in a vacuum or in very dry aconditions.