HCM - Hot Compression Moulding

Under the brand STABIL, we distribute the products made of PEEK, PCTFE PFA realized with our process HCM.
This technology, designed in 2005 and adopted in 2007 allows us to obtain billets with excellent uniformity and fusion of the polymer, free from burns, cracks or bubbles typical of other processes such as compression.


The HCM process is monitored at every single stage, recording each cycle through digital equipment and software specifically developed. Therefore each billet is well defined by it production ID that identifies the batch of raw VICTREX material used, and the process parameters of the production cycle. The production ID uniquely identifies the individual billet and is written on the label applied to our products.


Special features of the HCM process, is the repeatability of the production cycle through its parameters, similar to a program of CNC machine, in order to ensuring continuity in the quality of products supplied.