What is?
-K4 ® self-lubricating bushing made of techno-polymer by mechanical engineering with CNC machines.
-K4 ® is the brand with which they are produced and distributed.
®-K4 is not just a "name" but the synthesis of more than 10 years of research and production.
®-K4 is the set of technology, capacity and guarantee that our company can offer its product to the end-user.
®-K4 is a quality standard.



Where to use it?
As a first-use in all angular or linear movement, replacing bronze, aluminum bronze, bi-metal and laminated.
-In all applications with high loads and low speeds such as hubs for lifting machinery or earth moving, attacks to anchor and guide the stems of hydraulic cylinders, axles etc..
-In all applications where it is necessary to reduce or eliminate periodic lubrication or whose absence would cause seizure.




-non-oxidized, is a good electrical insulator, is non-toxic and self, not binding on a standard size allowing maximum freedom of design.
-mounting do not require maintenance equipment.