ATO Srl, active in the High-Tech industry and specialized in the high-performance technopolymer processing, was established.

The first CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machining centre was installed in order to guarantee quality reproducibility over the time.

ATO completed the software application of all its CNC processing network, further highlighting the high-quality of its services.

The new production plant covering a surface of 2000 sq m was opened and the first Integrex 200Y (MAZAK) was installed.

In our 25-year experience in machining the main world manufacturers’ techno polymers we have always tried to find a
final manufacturer who could offer the proper flexibility either in different customized filler compounds and into the
offer of size range. In 2005, as no manufacturer was found who could satisfy our needs, the STABIL project was set up.

In 2007 STABIL project achieved the above purpose. Today, thanks to our manufacturing process, we can guarantee
the reliable traceability for each billet, the efficient repeatability of the polymer unique features and a high and steady
material quality.

During this year, we reach the target of 1 ton of VICTREX PEEK raw material tranformed into semi-finished products.